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Client Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it

"Ric's calming and clear explanations of each stretch put me at ease, even during the more difficult stretches. I really appreciated his focus on specific muscle groups of concern that I mentioned at the beginning of the treatment. Thank you!"


"As a former college athlete and still physically active, I routinely seek massages to work out tense muscles and maintain flexibility. I was referred to Ric via my regular masseur who was on travel - I trusted this recommendation and glad I did. A welcoming spa-like environment and very friendly disposition, Ric was very in tune with key areas that are often overlooked by other technicians, and my body left rejuvenated while my mind was relaxed. I now routinely use Ric's services and trust his hands to know what my body inherently needs after decades of wear and tare."


"Ric is skilled at finding and targeting sore, tight tissue. He worked hard to identify my problem areas and paid special attention to where my body needed it the most. I prefer a lot of pressure and Ric did not disappoint, but he was able to read my body and respond to my feedback. After a series of massages with Ric I feel looser and more relaxed. The studio and ambience are warm and inviting. Great lighting, smells...a true FULL sensory experience."


"Had a massage today with Ric. I’ve had many massages in the past but Ric listened to my concerns and targeted those areas while still allowing for a thorough and relaxing experience. I’ll definitely be back."


Amazing experience with Ric and Rudy! They have created a fabulous environment in their home that is welcoming and peaceful from before you walk in the door. Rudy was my therapist and made sure I was comfortable and cared for. Absolutely going back!


Ric and Rudy are tremendously hospitable hosts that have created a relaxing, cozy and warm environment. I renewed my membership because of their personable and attentive care to the needs of my body. 

My stress melts away each session and I leave feeling healthy, rejuvenated, and ready for next massage! 


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